Tabitha's Pet Care Services - Catering To The Needs Of Your Pets
I take friendly dogs of all sizes into my home. A free consultation is required before your dog's visit. My yard is enclosed with a 6 ft. wooden fence. Dogs stay in living/dining/kitchen area. All dogs are walked daily on the Horsham Power Line Trail, and treated like one of the family while making new friends. While you enjoy your vacation... your dog will be enjoying theirs!!

*All dogs require a rabies certificate and a copy of current license.*

  • Bring something with the scent from home (T-Shirt, towel, pillowcase, etc.) for the first stay
  • Bring a crate IF NEEDED, bring a blanket or towel to cover crate at bedtime (puppies)
  • Bring food (please bring a little extra)
  • Bring a collar and/or harness & leash
  • Bring a bed if your dog uses one
  • Bring medications (include extra doses and syringes)
  • Bring treats
  • Suggest anything you think your dog will need
  • DON'T bring food dishes
  • DON'T bring a water dish
  • DON’T bring toys

$35/night per dog
$60/night 2 dogs

$5 extra fee (Christmas, New Years, Easter, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day)

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